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To Be a Nation

(September 24, 2021) America is not a place it is an idea. Really two ideas. First, it is the American Dream that has brought immigrants to our country down to the present day seeking a better life. Undeniably, many made that dream come true based upon capitalist foresight and industry. Second, is the sense of nationhood provided by our motto, “E Pluribus Unum”—out of many one. During most of our history the second factor enabled us to defeat our foes. Perhaps unity was easier when America was predominantly composed of European immigrants and their descendants. But they certainly had their differences as evidenced by the War Between the States.  Nonetheless, even the descendants of Union and Confederate veterans were able to unify as Americans when our country was threatened by external foes.

Presently, however, Americas European immigrants and their progenies compose only 60% of our population. That fraction is certain to continue dropping, particularly as Democrats promote illegal immigration across our Southern border. Increasingly, therefore, it will be up to the Democrats to unify us. 

Yet the Party’s Identity Politics is doing just the opposite. It falsely portrays America as composed of two factions: oppressors and victims. They deny that Americans have personal agency and therefore identify victims collectively as persons composed of immutable group characteristics such as black skin or the female sex. That’s why their Party is mostly composed of non-whites and women. Since Identity Politics also places the white male at the bottom of the totem pole as the evilest oppressor, Democrats also imagine that domestic white supremacists represent America’s biggest terrorist threat.  Nonetheless, the Anti-Defamation League estimates total KKK membership at only 3,000 across the entire country.

Confederate statue removal and defacement results from appeasement to Identity Politics. Contrary to anti-statue rhetoric, the removals and defacements are not actions of national “inclusion” for blacks. That could have been accomplished by erecting new statues to black leaders. In truth, the statue removals and defacements are deliberate acts to exclude any honor for the Confederate soldier. Notwithstanding that his sons more readily answered the call to duty than residents from other parts of the country during our postbellum wars, they also are demonized for carrying souvenir Confederate Battle flags with them for inspiration. Some of the tanks that freed German concentration camps flew that flag. 

A British traveler’s long American tour twenty years ago suggests that the “wokeness” resulting from Identity Politics creates a national hatred of contemporary Southerners as well as the Confederate soldier. At the turn of the century, Tom Fremantle entered the United States at Brownsville, Texas and walked to Washington, D. C. in the company of a mule. Tom was a descendant of British Lieutenant Colonel Arthur J. L. Fremantle who also entered at Brownsville in 1863 and journeyed to Gettysburg in three months where he observed the battle from the Confederate side. The Colonel summarized his trip in a book titled “Three Months in the Southern States.” His descendant, Tom, summarized his walk in a book titled “The Moonshine Mule.”

 By the time Tom reached northern Virginia he noticed certain people were:

“. . . dismissive of the South. [Some were on a lark while others] were . . . stuffy types whose opinions had nothing to do with political morality and everything to do with smugness. ‘My dear, you walked through Alabama—I wouldn’t even drive through there! The South’s an embarrassment, it’s worse than the Third World.’ When I asked these people if they had ever been to Mississippi or South Carolina, they usually replied, ‘Lord, no! Never!’ . . . To my surprise I often became passionate in my defense of the South.”

In short, Democrats don’t promote American unity by relieving themselves on Southern boots and calling it rain. 

Will the South Secede Again?

(July 16, 2021) A recent YouGov Survey discovered that 66% of Republicans in the South want to secede, up from 50% in February. My guess is that this is caused by the cultural genocide that has taken place over the past six years through disparagement of the region’s historical leaders. The removal of statues of such leaders as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson is an insult. They were erected in the spirit of national reconciliation, which enabled Americans on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line to take inspiration from leaders on the opposite side. It was, for example, possible to think highly of both Lee and Grant.

Today, Lee is disparaged in every way, although his leadership qualities were outstanding and merit emulation, not condemnation. In the 1950s President Eisenhower underscored that point on both television and in a letter to a constituent asking why he had a portrait of Lee in the Oval Office. Today, everything in the media and academia is about race. And presently it has become extreme in the form of Critical Race Theory, which essentially concludes that all whites are racist, whether they believe it or not. It promotes so-called “equity” as a way for the government to insure equality of outcomes over equality of opportunity. As such, it favors an authoritarian government. Nicole Hannah-Jones, who notoriously insulted the University of North Carolina by insisting that they grant her tenure and then turning down the offer after the Board of Trustees approved it, provides a good example.

During an interview with Erza Klein two years ago, Hannah-Jones said, “Cuba has the least inequality between black and white people of any place in the hemisphere . . . and that’s largely due to socialism.”

The recent demonstrations in Cuba show the absurdity of Hannah-Jones’s affinity for socialism. The people of Cuba—black and white—want to be freed of their government. Yeah, they are all equally poor, black and white alike, but that is not what they want. After sixty-two years they’ve learned to want equality of opportunity over equality of outcome.

Finally, I wish to point out that a Critical Race Theory teacher at Washington and Lee two months ago told his class that he would reveal two test questions in advance of the test date if all of the class would attend the “Law Review’s Equal Justice Symposium” that weekend. As an anonymous student put it in the W&L Spectator student newspaper, “Treating attendance at the symposium as the proverbial carrot goes beyond the pale of a faculty advisor’s responsibility to an organization. Not only does it artificially inflate attendance at a highly political event, it also singles out the students who do not wish to support an event so contrary to their political beliefs.” This is just another example of the dictatorial methods of Critical Race Theory advocates.

Abandon Ben Shapiro

(MLK Day, 2021) Ben Shapiro is a cofounder of The Daily Wire (DW) where he has been a political commentator since 2015 when I started watching his show. Sometime during the last five years he responded to an audience question about the Confederate Battle Flag by remarking that “some of the American tanks that freed the prisoners at the Nazi concentration camps flew that flag.” Since then he has, at best, acquiesced to the destruction of Confederate Statues and the demonization of anything concerning Confederate Memory. Some of his DW colleagues have been more supportive. During the past year Michael Knowles said that he opposed the destruction and vandalization of the monuments. Similarly, Andrew Klavan also explained the Southern Secession was at least partly about resisting the steadily increasing centralization of power in Washington.

Even though Ben has been greeted warmly at Southern college campuses, today he threw Confederate Memory under the bus again. He quoted a Washington Post article written by two academic historians who opined that those who temporarily occupied the Capitol building earlier this month should be held “accountable.” They further explained that failure to do so would be repeating the mistake of failing to hold ex-Confederates “accountable” at Appomattox. That failure in the surrender terms, they argue, led to the formation of racist governments and anti-black terrorism in the South. Shapiro made no defense of the Appomattox surrender terms, leaving it to be inferred that he feels the South merited the academic interpretation that it is America’s evil twin that had to be brought to heel by the Radical Republicans with the 14th Amendment. (He fails to mention that the Southern state governments ruled by ex-Confederates cast the deciding votes to ratify the 13thAmendment abolishing slavery nine months after Appomattox.)

Southern whites generally opposed the 14th Amendment because it basically would not permit any former Confederate state to rejoin the Union unless the applicable state had a Radical Republican state government. This was accomplished by denying voting privileges to many ex-Confederates and mandating universal black suffrage in the former Confederate states, but not any Northern states where voter qualifications remained a state’s right, even though the states North of the Ohio River and Mason Dixon Line had tine black populations of only one percent of the applicable state’s total population.

Shapiro did not challenge the academic viewpoint that the Radical Republicans wanted to provide for racial equality in the Southern states as a moral impulse. In reality, their motive was to ensure that their Party would remain in power in Washington by creating Republican-loyal vassal regimes in the South. If you don’t believe me consider that the first Radical Republican President, Ulysses Grant, was elected in 1868 with only a minority of white votes notwithstanding that he was a popular war hero and also notwithstanding that Congress assumed the authority to prevent three Southern states from voting at all. It was, in short, a rigged election.  Thereafter, the Republicans manipulated the Southern black vote until the GOP did not need them anymore as new states that evolved from the Western territories entered the Union as Republican states.

The great misfortune is that today’s culture would likely not be so censorious if men like Shapiro had defended Confederate Monuments five years ago. He gained nothing by throwing them under the bus in a vain attempt to appease the so-called respectable media. Perhaps that’s one reason why a growing number of Daily Wire subscribers tell Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles, “I came to the Daily Wire for Shapiro, but stayed for you.” Perhaps my greatest disappointment with Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro is to hear their pleas for financial support so that their audience can be assured that the donor-voices will be heard, even though the DW and Prager U have repeatedly declined to give defenders of Confederate Statues a chance speak. Perhaps, as Prager likes to say, “It is because courage is the rarest of virtues.”


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Winning Respect for Confederate Memory

(January 13, 2021) In the 1950s homosexuality was socially scorned. Hollywood stars like Rock Hudson who hid theirs often thrived whereas “outed” gays like Tab Hunter became pariahs whose careers were destroyed. Presently, however, both political parties eagerly accept gays so long as the new members’ political tenets conform with those of the Party. Homosexuals gradually achieved their present acceptance largely because high profile gays increasingly disclosed their status rather than keep it private. Shortly before his death, for example, Rock Hudson “outed” himself. Gradually the public began to realize that gays comprised a giant under-culture that included many people the public otherwise admired for their professional accomplishments. Thus, the homosexual is no longer the clichéd misfit of prior eras. To the contrary, some movie stars even seem anxious to disclose their homo, or bi, sexuality as a way to increase public popularity.

Like “gayness” of the 1950s, Confederate Heritage is similarly ostracized, and often condemned, because her supporters are likewise portrayed as clichéd misfits who spend their time at Ku Klux Klan meetings when attending Confederate statue rallies. For example, a few years ago I was interviewed by a college sociology professor concerning Confederate Memory. He asked many prepared questions, so as to tally my responses with those of others for analysis. But he repeatedly asked one question that puzzled me.

Prof: “Are you a member of any groups?”

Me: “Groups? What do you mean, groups?”

Prof: “Any groups?”

Me: “You mean like Civil War Roundtables?”

Prof: He shrugged and shook his head. “Any groups.”

I remained perplexed by the question for six months or more. Finally, it dawned on me that he might have been trying to learn whether I was a member of a white supremacist organization. Perhaps I inferred incorrectly, but could not otherwise understand the purpose of the question.

Like the post-1950s homosexuals, today’s Confederate Heritage proponents may never become acceptable in polite company without some sort of ambassador program. If progressively more men and women will disclose their support for Confederate Memory, it will be harder and harder for our critics to dismiss all of us. To our critics, an ambiguous “them” defined only by a presumed misbegotten respect for Confederate Memory makes it easy to ostracize us because we are nothing but an abstraction. It is far harder to hate one’s uncle or cousin, even when they act in stereotypical ways, such as putting a Confederate flag sticker on their car. Their more typical reaction might be to seek common ground and understanding with us. Most of our family and friends will presumably want to avoid alienating someone who they otherwise respect and like.

It is especially important for Confederate Heritage fans to identify themselves now because of the growing tyranny of cancel culture. The lies, and distortion used to motivate destruction of out monuments and symbols will only get worse if our critics continue to see only the stereotype. Their hostility will merely grow if we fail to show them that their portrayal of the Heritage supporter is inaccutae. While those of us who might lose our jobs or financial livelihood may be excused, the rest of us should raise our hands and show who we are—especially the retired and financially independent. We can afford to lose our fair-weather friends while our more vulnerable cohorts must continue to support their families by earning a living every day.

Given the wave of censorship against political conservatives that followed the temporary occupation of the Capitol Building last week, nobody should be surprised to see more hostility against Confederate symbols. Those of you who are taking too much risk of losing your financial livelihood by identifying yourselves may wish to contribute privately to those of us who can speak more freely on your behalf. One way to do so is by purchasing my books. I am not asking for donations, but am selling books that will help you make a case for respecting Southern Heritage. Visit my Amazon Author page for descriptions of all my books. For autographed copies contact me: phil_leigh[AT]me.com.*

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Magnificent Mile

(August 10, 2020) The Magnificent Mile is Chicago’s version of New York’s Fifth Avenue, only better. The one mile stretch of Michigan Avenue from the Chicago River to Oak Street Beach has some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and upscale shopping. Last night mobs looted the stores.

Triggered by false reports that police shot an unarmed black youth, the hoodlums used social media to organize the plundering. This time they did not even pretend to be protesting police brutality. From the beginning the goal was to pillage and vandalize. This morning even the city’s permissive mayor condemned the participants as criminals.

Together with the belatedly released video of George Floyd’s confused behavior prior to his arrest, the Chicago looting is further evidence that our leaders have been overly indulgent. It is doubtful that the majority of the so-called protestors of Floyd’s death ever had any principled grievances. They tragically used his demise to throw a temper-tantrum. Some destroyed Confederate memorials as a sort of revenge. Once they realized they could do so with impunity, they escalated into general plunder.

Remaining in the wake of it all are defaced statues and empty pedestals. Many are now lost by the action of mobsters or government leaders who never gave the people a chance to decide by referendum.  At best, we have witnessed totalitarian appeasement to a deluded and narcissistic minority.

It might have been stopped if enough so-called respectable opponents had made their opinion known. But they didn’t. Only after the House of Representatives passed a bill to remove Confederate statues from the National Battlefield Parks, for example, did the Gettysburg Guides object. Yet, the guides motives are at least partially self-serving because they realize the park will get fewer visitors without any Confederate memorials. 

Although the respectable voices may be missing simply because the public genuinely opposes the memorials, pre-Floyd polls revealed the opposite.  Even if the public now wishes to placate the rioters, it should be understood that an emotional public can be deceived. Consider prohibition. It took a two-thirds approval vote on Capitol Hill and ratification by three-fourths of the states to pass the Eighteenth Amendment banning the recreational use of alcohol in 1919. Fourteen years later it was repealed by the same supermajority.

Each additional week reveals more evidence and perspective that the riotous conduct after Floyd’s death was inexcusable, and remains so. But even worse has been the media lies that promoted it and the politicians who gratified it.


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Telling it Like it Is

(July 18, 2020) Although the article below by Brent Bozell was written five years ago, it is even more appropriate now.

Confederate Flag and Cultural Fascism

You cultural fascists have struck again.

You have shown you will say most anything, and do most anything to advance your radical agenda. But that’s not enough, is it? Your intent is to ban any opposition. Your goal is to ban even the expression of dissension.

You’re doing it everywhere. You are insisting scientists skeptical of global warming be banned from symposia discussing the subject. You shout down, even physically attack conservatives who dare express opinions on college campuses—that is, if you don’t succeed in banning them altogether.  You demand TV networks fire Christians who dare to quote Scripture publicly. You pressure advertisers to stop their sponsorship of conservative talk shows, inventing scandals to justify your campaigns. You pressure businesses to fire employee for supporting traditional marriage. You call on government to imprison Christians who will not abide by the gay agenda.

Now it’s the Confederate flag.

I don’t know what’s more offensive, your disgusting character assassination or the outright embarrassment of politicians and businesses quaking in their shoes at the thought they might be next on your hit list.

You demand it be banned from society because you insist society accept your definition of what it represents. As usual, you are using a horrific event, and the victims of that horror, as your excuse, just as you used a pro-life extremist detonating a bomb to smear the entire pro-life movement, just as you used a crazed gunman opening fire in a movie theater to advance your radical agenda to ban all guns.

Now it’s Dylann Roof. He commits an unspeakable act of racist violence. What does the Confederate flag have to do with it? It is the symbol you’re using to suggest America is, and always has been racist.

So many are so intimidated and run away like an Iraqi army.

The Confederate flag has been removed from the Dukes of Hazzard’s “General Lee” car. We will no longer sell that horrible thing! declare Apple, Sears, eBay, Amazon, and the rest about the Confederate flag.

What frauds. Up until last week none had a problem in the world with that flag.  The racially-sensitive folks at Amazon still sell Nazi and apartheid memorabilia.  Sen. Lindsey Graham cynically whines, “God help South Carolina” if it continues flying the flag he has repeatedly defended.

Cowards all.

Continued Here

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