Non-NYT Articles

American Spectator, “Weaponizing the Impeachment Process,” 11-6-2019
 Spectator, “U. S. Grant and Donald Trump’s ‘Impeachable Offenses,'” 11-4-2019
American Spectator,
 “Origins of Banking’s Unholy Alliance with the Federal Government” 10-29-2019
American Spectator“The South Has Already Paid Reparations” 10-25-2019
American Spectator“Impeachment: Andrew Johnson Edition”   10-18-2019
American Spectator, “When Congress Trampled POTUS and SCOTUS” 10-8-2019
The Hill, “Six reasons to leave Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill” 9-26-2019
Abbeville Institute, “Who Won Reconstruction?” 9-13-2019
Abbeville Institute, “Don’t Remove Confederate Monuments” 8-30-2019
American Spectator, Save Confederate Statues” 8-29-2019
Abbeville Institute, “Economic Reconstruction” 8-5-2019
Abbeville Institute, “Confederate Monuments and Racism” 7-6-3019
Abbeville Institute, “Civil War PC is Mental Imprisonment” 7-4-2019