Will the South Secede Again?

(July 16, 2021) A recent YouGov Survey discovered that 66% of Republicans in the South want to secede, up from 50% in February. My guess is that this is caused by the cultural genocide that has taken place over the past six years through disparagement of the region’s historical leaders. The removal of statues of such leaders as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson is an insult. They were erected in the spirit of national reconciliation, which enabled Americans on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line to take inspiration from leaders on the opposite side. It was, for example, possible to think highly of both Lee and Grant.

Today, Lee is disparaged in every way, although his leadership qualities were outstanding and merit emulation, not condemnation. In the 1950s President Eisenhower underscored that point on both television and in a letter to a constituent asking why he had a portrait of Lee in the Oval Office. Today, everything in the media and academia is about race. And presently it has become extreme in the form of Critical Race Theory, which essentially concludes that all whites are racist, whether they believe it or not. It promotes so-called “equity” as a way for the government to insure equality of outcomes over equality of opportunity. As such, it favors an authoritarian government. Nicole Hannah-Jones, who notoriously insulted the University of North Carolina by insisting that they grant her tenure and then turning down the offer after the Board of Trustees approved it, provides a good example.

During an interview with Erza Klein two years ago, Hannah-Jones said, “Cuba has the least inequality between black and white people of any place in the hemisphere . . . and that’s largely due to socialism.”

The recent demonstrations in Cuba show the absurdity of Hannah-Jones’s affinity for socialism. The people of Cuba—black and white—want to be freed of their government. Yeah, they are all equally poor, black and white alike, but that is not what they want. After sixty-two years they’ve learned to want equality of opportunity over equality of outcome.

Finally, I wish to point out that a Critical Race Theory teacher at Washington and Lee two months ago told his class that he would reveal two test questions in advance of the test date if all of the class would attend the “Law Review’s Equal Justice Symposium” that weekend. As an anonymous student put it in the W&L Spectator student newspaper, “Treating attendance at the symposium as the proverbial carrot goes beyond the pale of a faculty advisor’s responsibility to an organization. Not only does it artificially inflate attendance at a highly political event, it also singles out the students who do not wish to support an event so contrary to their political beliefs.” This is just another example of the dictatorial methods of Critical Race Theory advocates.

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