Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee

(July 14, 2021) Robert E. Lee had three sons of military age during the Civil War. All served in the Confederate army. Two were wounded, one of whom was captured and spent time in a notorious prison camp before he was exchanged. The third was captured at the Battle of Saylers Creek near the end of the war.

President Lincoln had one military age son. The youth, Robert Todd Lincoln, was the same age as Robert E. Lee, Jr. Both were 18 when the war started. Robert Lincoln chose to go to Harvard instead of enlisting in the Union Army. When he graduated in January 1865 President Lincoln wrote a letter to Union General Ulysses Grant asking that Grant find a place for Robert on Grant’s staff where he would generally be out of harm’s way. Lee surrendered at Appomattox less that three months after Robert Todd Lincoln joined Grants’s staff as an officer.

General Lee, and his boys, set a better leadership example than did President Lincoln and Robert Todd Lincoln. President Joe Biden and his son Hunter seem to be following the path of Abe and Rob Lincoln.

A New York gallery has agreed to sponsor a show for Hunter’s art work in the fall. Press reports indicated he might get $75,000-$500,000 for his paintings, but even $10,000 per painting would be outrageous. Moreover, the gallery told the White House that the names of the art buyers will not be disclosed. Anyone who has seen Hunter’s art work on the Internet can hardly avoid concluding that this is mere influence peddling.

If we valued the virtues that Lee’s statutes were erected for, Americans might demand higher moral standards from President Biden and his son Hunter.

1 thought on “Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln

  1. carsonfoardsbcglobalnet

    I have little sympathy for Lincoln, but his younger son Willy died during the War of disease at age 11 or so. Maybe Lincoln didn’t want to lose both….not really excusable but maybe understandable. Even Lee encouraged Custis to stay with Davis as an aide at first, but later encouraged him take a field command. I try to stay away from people’s children, unless like the Biden’s, they’ve been involved in influence-peddling and conflict of interest, which is clearly the case here, with full knowledge by the Big Guy. I think his art is OK, a nice stye, for maybe $2K, gallery rate, for a larger one….it’s clear this is a way to rake in cash from anonymous donors and try to create a cover for the whole stinky mess.


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