2020 Racism and 1861 Slavery

(October 9, 2020) In the two-minute video below Chris Wallace asks the President during the last debate if Trump will denounce racism. The video shows that Wallace asked the same question four years ago. Both times Trump firmly disavowed racism. Nearly all Trump supporters know he is not racist. The media, Democrats, academics and Hollywood pretend that he is in order to control the cultural narrative of our times. Is it not logical to question whether the the same forces have manipulated Civil War memory?

Most of today’s academic historians have distorted Civil War history by narrowing the focus to satisfy social justice objectives involving race. The result has been unjustified removal of Confederate memorials; some by mob violence. While slavery was a factor in the secession of the first seven cotton states, it was not the reason the soldiers fought. William C. Davis is one historian who gets it right: “The widespread northern myth that the Confederates went to the battlefield to perpetuate slavery is just that, a myth. Their letters and diaries, in the tens-of-thousands, reveal again and again, that they fought and died because their southern homeland was invaded and their natural instinct was to protect their home and hearth.”

If the academics, media, Democrats, and Hollywood can falsely convince voters that Trump supporters are racist, there should be no doubt that they can convince students, philanthropic foundations, and so-called social activists that the Civil War was “all about” slavery; that there is no reason to respect the Confederate soldier. Trump supports who know they are not racist might wish to consider whether the lessons they’ve been taught about the Confederate solider are also false. If you are such a person, then my new Causes of the Civil War, is for you.


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5 thoughts on “2020 Racism and 1861 Slavery

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  2. William Richard Bridgeman

    How many more dozen times does Trump need to denounce “racism” and”white supremacy”?
    When will ANY democrat renounce leftist destruction and terrorism?

    1. Phil Leigh Post author

      Good points.

      Either America is in the process of shifting toward a European-like government, or this is a temporary madness. I believe the Chinese and Russians look at us in dismay. They must be thinking, “Your citizens are in the World’s most powerful country with freedoms far beyond what most other countries provide, yet they whine. They want to be taken care of. They don’t appreciate their freedom.”


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