Letter to News and Advance

(May 27, 2020)  Provided below is a letter-to-the-editor by Bo Traywick (responsible for its content) to the Lynchburg News & Advance. Before publishing the letter I asked if Bo believed that the white Supremacists  that hi-jacked the Robert E. Lee statue for their own purposes were also responsible for the Charlottesville riot along with the antifa thugs. Bo replied, “By all means, blast the White Supremacist thugs and any and all other hijackers of our heritage.” Speaking for myself, I will never forget Joe Biden’s lie that Donald Trump was defending the white Supremacists instead of people like Bo when the President said “there are fine people on both sides.”

Bo is an author, Vietnam Vet and Virginia Military Institute graduate.

Bo Traywick


To the Editor:

Sunday’s OpEd page notes that “Few things have been as divisive in American history” as the Vietnam War, yet it goes on to promote even more divisiveness with its rhetoric in describing the United States’ War to Prevent Confederate Independence, aka “The Civil War.” It’s all there: blaming “white supremacists” for Charlottesville instead of the imported fascist Antifa mobs who incited the riots for the news cameras; mourning how many soldiers from Ohio and Michigan died “to stamp out the rebel flag and the cause it represented;” and expressing pious impatience at the prospect of hearing “all the debates about why (Confederate monuments) are there in the first place.” Here is one that is not open to debate:

If those Michigan and Ohio boys had stayed home and minded their own business, they would not have died at the hands of our forefathers who were fighting to defend our country from invasion, conquest, and coerced political allegiance – the same cause their fathers were fighting for in 1776, when the thirteen slave-holding colonies signed the Declaration of Independence and seceded from the British Empire. That is the cause that the “rebel flag” stood for – in spite of Lincoln’s pious and political “Orwellian doublespeak,” and what Voltaire called history: “The propaganda of the victorious.” It was the cause of ’76, when George Washington was also called a rebel, the cause those boys from up North were “stamping out” back in ’61-‘65, and the cause for which those people in Ohio and Michigan were flying the Battle Flag today. Good for them!


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