Online Confederate Book Discussion Tomorrow

(Monday: March 23, 2020) Tomorrow I’ll have an online discussion about my book, The Confederacy at Flood Tide. I will be at the Civil War Talk chat room at 11:00 AM eastern daylight time. We will chat from our keyboards and not user voice or video.

The Confederacy at Flood Tide covers the period from June to December 1862 when the Confederacy came closest to winning independence. In addition to examining military developments from all three theaters, the book discusses diplomatic, political, economic and espionage factors. Copies are available through most bookstores. Signed copies are available from me at phil_leigh(at)

Online Book Discussion: The Confederacy at Flood Tide
Date: Tuesday: March 24, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Location: Civil War Talk Chat Room
Free Membership Required:* Get it here.

*After getting a free membership you can log into the Civil War Talk chat room. If you are not yet a member, register ASAP because all memberships must be approved as a way to avoid spam.


Buy and sample my books at my Amazon Author Page

The Confederacy at Flood Tide by Philip Leigh
Trading With the Enemy by Philip Leigh
Lee’s Lost Dispatch & Other Civil War Controversies by Philip Leigh
Southern Reconstruction by Philip Leigh
U. S. Grant’s Failed Presidency by Philip Leigh
The Devil’s Town: Hot Springs During the Gangster Era by Philip Leigh

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