Elizabeth Warren . . .

. . . won the Iowa caucus in only a single county. It happens to include Iowa University where the school offers a Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice.

The list below shows some of the classes.

SJUS:1001 Introduction to Social Justice 3
SJUS:2250 The History of Social Justice Movements 3
GWSS:1002 Diversity and Power in the United States 3
GWSS:3138 Writing to Change the World 3


Human Rights, Diversity, Activism

Two of these:
SJUS:2200 The Racial and Gender Construction of Identify, Citizenship, and Rights in America 3
SJUS:2500 Love, War, Activism: Stories About Women from Across the World 3
SJUS:2571 Visualizing Human Rights 3
SJUS:3130 Blacks and Jews: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in America 3
SJUS:3133 Anthropology of Race 3
GWSS:2045 Working for Social Justice 3
GWSS:2080 The Cultural Politics of HIV-AIDS 3
GWSS:2172 The History of African American Women from Slavery to Freedom 3
GWSS:2800 African American Women, Health, Hair, and Sexuality 3
GWSS:3326 The Politics of Progress: NGOs, Development, and Sexuality 3
GWSS:4140 Feminist Activism and Global Health 3
HIST:3274 History of Slavery in the U.S.A. 3-4
HIST:4101 History of Human Rights 3
HRTS:3906 Global Crises and Human Rights 3
HRTS:3910 Human Rights Advocacy 3
LATS:3104 Immigration Politics 3
PHIL:3430 Philosophy of Human Rights 3
RELS:3855 Human Rights and Islam 3
SSW:3847 Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity 3


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