Understanding Burnham’s First Law

(February 6, 2020) Together with William F. Buckley, in 1955 James Burnham co-founded The National Review, which remains a venerable conservative publication. Today, Burnham is mostly remembered for his ten maxims, the first of which is: “Everyone knows everything,”  by which he means that nobody can forever hide the truth about themselves. Eventually, everything comes out, and probably already has. Our great secrets are not really secrets. Others perceive more about us than we realize.

Confederate monument opponents, for example, consider statue defenders to be ignorant hicks. Everybody see’s their disdain no matter how they try to conceal it.

Colleges deny statue supporters a chance to address students because too many academics feel that opinions contrary to their own should be censored.

Too many academics have also incited students to violently silence speeches that challenge listeners to question their professors.

Nancy Pelosi can tear-up Trump’s state of the union message on national TV because she knows the media will portray her as a heroine, although they would have condemned any Republican House Speaker who might have shredded an Obama speech.

Elizabeth Warren won the Iowa caucus in only a single county because it is the one where Iowa University inculcates a false identity victimhood.

Despite pretensions to the contrary, the mainstream media and their Democratic puppets have shown that they hate Trump more than they love America.

It is always those in power who censor, which they do for a single reason: To retain power.


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