Is This a Microaggression?

(September 20, 2019) For the last two-and-a-half years an un-named Civil War online forum, or FaceBook group, has continued a running thread for members to discuss their favorite statues. Either out of crassness, or simple unawareness, the administrators fail to appreciate how insulting it might be for Southern members to watch Northerners discuss their favorite statues while Confederate statues are being removed, destroyed and vandalized. In February of 2017, for example, one Southern member selected as their favorite the Dallas Robert E. Lee statue, which has since been removed. The next day, another person selected the Memphis equestrian statue of Bedford Forrest, which has also since been taken down.

Dallas statue of Robert E. Lee as it is being removed.

There’s can be no doubt that if Union soldier statues were being wrecked and defaced, the supposedly “bi-partisan” online group’s moderators censors would not permit a “statue discussion” thread.   Perhaps 10-12 years ago such groups—and even  academic historians—would have defended Confederate statutes, particularly against defacement and mob destruction. Not anymore.

*     *     *

To learn how the Confederacy came close to winning its independence during the June-to-December period of 1862 consider reading:

The Confederacy at Flood Tide by Philip Leigh

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