The World Needs More Cowboys

(March 15, 2019) Leveraging the school’s Cowboy mascot, last summer the University of Wyoming adopted “The World Needs More Cowboys” as a student recruiting campaign slogan. Almost immediately the predictable sectors of the faculty and administration objected because they regarded the slogan as “sexist, racist, xenophobic and counterproductive to the goal of recruiting out-of-state students.” About two dozen formally complained to the school’s board of trustees. But unlike the leaders of most other universities, the Wyoming trustees figuratively told the whiners: “go pound sand.”

University of Wyoming Tee-Shirt

The trustees were right. The number of out-of-state applicants skyrocketed. Despite sharp production increases, the school’s gift shops cannot keep in-stock a supply a merchandise like Tee-shirts imprinted with the slogan.

It’s encouraging to see a school take a stand against political correctness, especially when it is urged by sermonizing a college faculty that self-righteously promotes identity politics. It is just such faculties that have demonized Southern heritage to the point of creating a cultural shift that has prompted the destruction and removal of Confederate statues.

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“All blessing and honor and power and glory be unto thee,” University of Wyoming trustees.

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