Christmas Special

(November 19, 2018) Buyers of my books listed below during this Christmas season will get a 10% discount, free shipping and a signed copy (if requested) by alerting me in the comments section of this blog or emailing me — phil_leigh(at)

All books are otherwise available at stores like

Southern Reconstruction ($29.95) analyzes Reconstruction by putting it in the context of overall American history, such as the Gilded Age at the North, and includes multiracial aspects of the story as opposed to a single race-centric narrative.

The Confederacy at Flood Tide ($28.00) tells the story of the Civil War from June to December 1862 when the South came closest to winning independence.

Lee’s Lost Dispatch and Other Civil War Controversies ($18.95) analyzes twelve pivotal incidents that determined the outcome of the War.

Trading With the Enemy ($26.00) is a history of inter-belligerent commerce between the North and South during the Civil War when the Yankees secretly bought  twice as much cotton from the South as the Confederacy sold to Europe.

Co. AytchAnnotated and Illustrated ($14.95) is a version of Confederate Private Sam Watkins’s Civil War memoir that includes my 250 annotations to clarify his story and correct errors.

The Devil’s Town ($17.95) is the story of Hot Springs, Arkansas during the Gangster Era from 1927 to 1967.

Please order by December 14, 2018 to get delivery by Christmas. Inventories of some titles are low. They will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis until out of stock.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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