A Yankee Seeks Meaning in the Confederate Flag

(September 3, 2018) The Minnesotan who posted the ten minute video below took a road trip through parts of the South to try and understand the appeal of the Confederate flag.

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Here are some comments from previous viewers:

  1. One of the more intelligent, fair minded videos I’ve seen on the subject.
  2. Amazing. Good job mate!
  3. Intelligent discussion and well presented.
  4. The people of both sides should see this
  5. The South was economically crushed by the end of the Civil War. It’s took them over 100 years to get back on their economic feet, and the symbol of that long haul is the Confederate flag.*
  6. My, someone who finally gets it.
  7. Very fair even-handed approach, great job. Would like to see more coverage like this, this is exactly what journalism is supposed to be.

*This one, I think, is the most revealing.

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