Discarded peel cruelly unnerves school’s student leaders

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy

It’s a cliché as old, it would seem, as humanity: Each generation feels the one that follows isn’t doing its bit to uphold civilization.

That, of course, is questionable, as society has ebbed and flowed over the millennia. However, we would seem to be on a downward swing at present.

Consider: A randomly discarded banana peel at a University of Mississippi weekend event “designed to build leaders” resulted in “tears and frustration” as organizers “didn’t feel safe.”

Yes, Ole Miss Greek Life leaders cut short a three-day leadership retreat the weekend before last after black students discovered a banana peel dangling in a tree outside of one of the camp’s cabins.

“And then of course came the inevitable university action plans, flurry of letters exchanged, and sensitivity meetings,” the blogZero Hedge reported. “Bleary-eyed and shaken students had to text friends and family to come pick them up early (sounds…

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One thought on “Discarded peel cruelly unnerves school’s student leaders

  1. C.W. Roden

    I had to completely suspend my common sense and the logical part of my brain to accept that someone somewhere actually found a banana peel “scary” and “traumatizing”.
    If I hadn’t found it in the regular media sites, i would have sworn this was a piece from the Onion, or some other parody site. Not that finding it in the US news media is a bigger endorsement of accuracy mind you, but still three other stories on this convinced me these folks really believed what they were saying.
    Its stuff like this that make me want to contact Elon Musk and book passage to leave this damn planet and go to Mars.


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