Confederate Monument on Private Property Defaced

(August 13, 2017) The picture below shows the defacement of a Confederate monument last night in Tampa, Florida.

First, the monument is located on private property owned by a local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Second, a Google search reveals no local news coverage or any statement—much less criticism—from a politician.

Third, the county commission voted last month to remove a 106 year old Confederate monument from public property. Commissioner Murman said she voted “yea” in order to “move forward.” Even though she may not have intended her excuse to mean escalation from public to private censorship, that has been the result.

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6 thoughts on “Confederate Monument on Private Property Defaced

  1. Cotton Boll Conspiracy

    I would have missed this completely if not for your post.

    The media will rue the day when it sat by silently, or having thrown all objectivity aside, began urging the undisciplined on to more action against monuments and memorials to those whose viewpoints they found distasteful. Once the beast of revisionism gets its foot in the door, it won’t stop at all things Confederate. I fear we may be past that point already.


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