Best of the Blogs (5-12-2017)

(May 12, 2017) Provided below are links to selected Civil War and Reconstruction articles I read during the past week. Some are from current publications and others are from older ones, now conveniently available on the Internet.


1. C. Vann Woodward’s discussion of Ulysses Grant’s Presidency in American Heritage was published sixty years ago before later historians rewrote the narrative.

2. Forty years after the Civil War ended Republican Party leader and future president, William Howard Taft, urged North Carolina Carpetbaggers to stop seeking office merely to gain access to political spoils.

3. Although the recorded soldier vote in the wartime 1864 presidential election heavily favored Lincoln, author Jonathan White claims that the statistics overstate the president’s support because many soldiers opposing Lincoln were systematically prevented from voting.

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2 thoughts on “Best of the Blogs (5-12-2017)

  1. Charles Shields

    it was my recent good fortune to come across your article “Reconsidering Trump’s ‘Faux Pas'” at Abbeville Inst. I am very interested in learning more about the tariff and revenue issues you discuss therein. Can you recommend any books and/or journal articles that go into this in depth with citations and the like? Thank you in advance for any consideration that you might be able to give to my question. Chas.

    1. Phil Leigh Post author

      Thanks, Charles (if I may.)

      My new book, Southern Reconstruction, which will be release next Friday the 19th of May covers the tariff issue, among others.

      Meanwhile, the link below provides information in from one of my earlier posts.

      As to the antebellum tariffs I recommend When in the Course of Human Events by Charles Adams and And the War Came by Kenneth Stampp


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