Carpetbagger Spending

(April 12, 2017) Most modern historians of the Reconstruction Era are apologists for the Carpetbagger Regimes.

They excuse Carpetbagger corruption by claiming that it was no worse than was experienced in the Southern state governments that followed or preceded the Carpetbaggers. A thorough rebuttal requires a detailed state-by-state analysis that is likely to try the patience of all but the most dedicated students of the era. The table below, however, illustrates at a single glance how the previously sound credit of the Southern states was exploited in the post-war period when the states were impoverished and least capable of absorbing additional debts.


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One thought on “Carpetbagger Spending

  1. Walker

    I remember reading how the city of Vicksburg had no debt and suddenly had several hundred thousand. This is good stuff. Can’t wait for your book.


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