The Truth About Lincoln

The 45-minute YouTube video below is provided by Stefan Molyneux who has a regular podcast titled Freedomain Radio, which he started eleven years ago.

Prior to starting the podcast, Stefan was a software entrepreneur who sold his company at the turn of the century. Most of his podcasts are on relationships, politics, and economics. While I do not agree with some of his analysis of President Lincoln I was impressed by the trenchant and fresh perspective he brings to the 16th president who has otherwise been overly deified.

Stefan was born in Ireland and moved to Canada when he was eleven years old. He has a BA in History from McGill University and a MA in History from the University of Toronto. He is married and fifty years old.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Lincoln

  1. Timothy Gesouras

    I have seen the guy on YouTube before and have found his videos interesting even if the titles of his video are similar to “clickbait” ones.

    One thing he states that’s incorrect is that the power to suspend Habeaus Corpus in the constitution was vague on who could do it. It is actually under the power of congress to suspend it only in times of great crisis or other emergencies. It is one of the few civil liberties granted in the document without the bill of rights and subsequent amendments.

    Lincoln’s unilateral suspension of HB without Congressional Approval is one of several areas where a case could be made in how he acted unconstitutionally. So much so that when Chief Justice Taney asked where Lincoln got the authority to do an act like that he found himself on the receiving end of a arrest warrant (that was never carried out) so much for the separation of powers.

    And don’t get me started on how Maryland was utterly stomped on by a move like this as several prominent citizens, the mayor, police chief and nearly half of the legislature was just rounded up and shipped of to some prison with relatives and loved ones having no idea were they when.


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