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Should Hendricks Statue be Destroyed?

Pictured below is a statue in downtown Indianapolis of Thomas H. Hendricks who was Vice President of the United States under Grover Cleveland, running mate for Samuel Tilden in the controversial presidential election of 1876, and a prominent Indiana senator and congressman  during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras.


Nonetheless, despite his accomplishments he held racist views. For example, as minority leader in the U. S. Senate after the Civil War he said of African-Americans:

I say we are not of the same race; we are so different that we ought not to compose one political community…I say…this is a white man’s Government, made by the white man for the white man…I am not in favor of giving the colored man a vote, because I think we should remain a political community of white people. I do not think it is for the good of either race that we should attempt to make a Government a mixed Government of white and black…I am not in favor of attempting to mix these races. I want to see the white race kept a white race and the power in this country without mixture and without attempt at mixture.

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