Presentation on Lee’s Lost Dispatch

On Tuesday the 15th of December I will speak on “Lee’s Lost Dispatch.” The dispatch refers to Robert E. Lee’s Special Order 191 a copy of which was captured by the opposing Union army during Lee’s first Northern invasion. It revealed Lee’s plans and disclosed that his outnumbered army was temporarily widely scattered and vulnerable to decisive Union attack.

Although I discuss the order’s discovery and Union Major General George McClellan’s response, I also analyze the chief mystery of the incident, which is how the order was lost… or stolen

Host: Sarasota Civil War Roundtable
Date: Tuesday: December 15, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Adult Education Building
Grace Church
8000 Bee Ridge Road
Sarasota, Florida 34247

The speech is based on one chapter in my Lee’s Lost Dispatch and Other Civil War Controversies, released earlier this year by Westholme Publishing. The book provides twelve stories about obscure incidents and personality conflicts that helped determine the war’s progress and outcome. They range from the Union’s tardy adoption of breech loading and repeating rifles and the Confederacy’s error to embargo cotton instead of hurriedly exporting it for exchange credits, to the possible pre-emption of the war at Charleston harbor in January 1861.

A sample chapter of Lee’s Lost Dispatch is available here at no charge.


My Civil War Books

Lee’s Lost Dispatch and Other Civil War Controversies
Trading With the Enemy
Co. Aytch: Illustrated and Annotated


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